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ConnectUp has 3 elements

ConnectUp is the exciting project from Age UK Wigan Borough, designed to help people feel more a part of their local community, know what’s available and make new friends.

ConnectUp has 3 elements:

Face-to-Face befriending

This part of the project matches volunteers with people wanting a weekly visitor.

Because of the limited number of volunteers, this part of the project is only available to those people unable to get out of their home, aged over 65 and with no other services going in.

Call in Time

Fancy a weekly telephone call? A friendly voice on the other end of the line can make all the difference in helping you feel better.

ConnectUp Groups

ConnectUp groups occur in different locations across the borough, and offer short-term support to enable people to get out of the house, find out what’s happening in their local area and meet new people.

The idea is that people come along to the group for a short period of time, and are introduced to the wide range of things happening across the area, from tea dances to bingo, trips out to reading clubs, knit and natter to singing in a choir.

It’s hoped that with support and encouragement from our staff and volunteers, people will then use the local ConnectUp group as a way to connect to the various activities and so feel more fulfilled and do the things they enjoy.

Do you fancy coming along-or volunteering to help make a group happen?

We are also looking to recruit volunteer buddies and we’re particularly looking for volunteers for the ConnectUp groups. A time commitment of about 2.5 hours per week is required to help with the groups, slightly more for the buddying roles.

For further details, please contact the ConnectUp Development Worker, Margaret Royce, on 01942 615884 or via e mail [email protected]