howe bridge - colliers corner and daffodils

No 209 APRIL 2019

The chairman opened the meeting welcoming everyone and asking for apologies.

A special welcome was given to four first time attendees who had come to the meeting to have a look at what the Bridgers do and to meet the other members of the group.


We have had three very successful village clean-ups in which a total of thirteen volunteers turned up to help, this included  very welcome new residents who joined us, during the sessions we managed to work on the Howe Bridge Shield and this has now been prepared for Summer planting, we cleaned Leigh Road throughout the village, and did a litter pick on some of the roads off Leigh Road including most of Lovers Lane, we cleaned the Leisure Centre approach and around the entrance, we also managed to renovate the garden at the entrance, most of the tubs and displays in the village have now been prepared for summer as well, one of the new people who attended did a fantastic clean-up of the stream near to Lovers Lane garage.

During the three sessions we collected forty six bags of rubbish and these were collected on the Saturday lunchtimes following our clean-ups  by the Cleansing / Green Spaces department at Wigan Council, the council also provided us with litter pickers and refuse bags as well.

The help we are getting from the council is part of our arrangement with WMBC  through the excellent Wigan “ Deal “  and through the terrific partnership we have with our locally elected councillors, but, not only do they support us practically but they join in with us on our many village projects.

By working together we can and do make a tremendous difference to our beautiful village. 


As you will probably have noticed, the sleepers in the seating area are beginning to rot, so, we have arranged for them to be replaced and the seating area to be improved.

Again, when United Utilities were working on the corner they inflicted further damage on the pathway across the area, this has now been repaired by members of the Gardeners Bowling Club, a terrific job !!

The new Notice Board has been varnished to help to preserve the wooden frame, well done Frank May, a terrific job !!


Following the decision to enter Colliers Corner in the In Bloom competition again this year I was invited to attend an IN BLOOM co-ordinators meeting in Myerscough College, Garstang, the object of the meeting was to give details of the many changes that are being introduced this year, not all of the changes will affect us but the ones that do will be adopted and implemented.

The main changes for us are in the marking criteria, the method of judging and there are several “ Discretionary Awards “ where we could qualify for recognition.

All of them for us are advantageous for us as Community Group.


We have been asked if we will continue to look after the Bluebell Gardens on Bolton Road, Atherton, The area had been neglected since we stopped maintaining the gardens last October and they are looking in dire need of some TLC, so, we will be arranging a session to renovate the Gardens to last years standard,

Hopefully some of the residents who live in that area will come and join us and then take over the regular maintenance and watering of the gardens.

One of the problems will be Funding whatever we do, ALL the money raised by the Bridgers is raised in the village of Howe Bridge and it would be wrong to use this money for the benefit of another area that has no connection with or is not part of  Howe Bridge, we will try to get funding from other sources that could be used on Bluebell Gardens


This years SUMMER  PLANT SALES will take place over the two MAY BANK HOLIDAYS, the dates are MAY 4TH, 5TH & 6TH and also MAY 25TH, 26TH & 27TH  

On the second plant sale we will be planting Baskets & Tubs ETC that people can bring to the sales to be filled with plants of their choice.

The PLANT SALES will again be held on the car park of the Gardeners Pub / Bowling Club.

Come to the plant sales for your plants and then call into the pub for an EXCELLENT LUNCH !!


The 2019 Bowling season is now open and we wish ALL of the Gardeners teams  a very enjoyable and successful year.

The ‘A’  teams Wednesday Night Parks League Team has a new Captain … he is Paul Hindley. Paul was elected to take over following the resignation of Brian James at the club AGM.

Congratulations to Paul and we wish you ALL OF THE BEST for the coming year.

We would also like to also offer a massive THANKYOU to Brian James for his excellent and productive tenure as captain during a very successful and long period of time.


WMBC has a new Chief Executive, she is Alison McKenzie-Folan, Alison has taken over from Donna Hall who recently retired, Donna was excellent for the many local community groups and voluntary organisations in Wigan Borough and we wish her a long and happy retirement.

John Harding informed the meeting that Lecterns have been placed on the Cenotaph site where  information can be displayed. The information sign part of the lecterns are being fitted by In2signs  and these should be completed quite soon.

GOOD NEWS, The base rate for Wigan Council Tax is remaining the same, this means that it has been frozen for the past six years, well done WMBC !!


It is the National Dementia Awareness Week in May between the 20th and the 26th, there are many events that have been organised in Wigan.

these will be published nearer the time.

The group was nominated for three awards in the Wigan Our Stars Awards that took place on Saturday March 23rd, unfortunately we didn’t win but to be part of such a fantastic EVENT that celebrates the phenomenal successes of local charity, community and volunteer groups in our area was amazing.

The voluntary work that is done in our locality is excellent in both quantity and quality, we have some REMARKABLE  people in Wigan Borough who deserve every accolade that is to given them.

It was a privilege to be amongst such a group of unsung, dedicated and amazing people, CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO WAS NOMINATED AND ATTENDED THE EVENT AND THANKYOU !!

Our Memories Tea Room in the newly renovated Atherton Town Hall is flourishing and this is because of the quality of the group of tremendous volunteers and the brilliant Chef / Manager who leads them.

If YOU haven’t visited the Memories Tea Room, I recommend that you try it, YOU will be very pleasantly surprised.

The Tea Room and  Community rooms are available for Private functions like Tea Parties and Baby Showers,  Gift Vouchers are available to be used as gifts and these can be bought in the Tea Room.

We have arranged two BOWLING DAYS, these are open to EVERYONE and the format we will be using is suitable for both Bowlers & Non- bowlers. The dates and venues are,  JUNE 22ND AT GARDENERS BOWLING CLUB and the second is AUGUST 17TH AT BOTANICAL GARDENS, HINDSFORD.

Further details will be given nearer the time, but one thing we need will be DONATIONS OF PRIZES for our raffles which will be to raise funds for LOCAL DEMENTIA CARE.

We have received a couple of Financial donations, to the donors A MASSIVE THANKYOU, every  £5.00 we receive buys another Guardian Angels Device for a vulnerable person.

Luncheon club is 1st Monday in Month.

Ring 01942 888990/01942 603175 to reserve your place. Cost £3.50 per person.

Coffee Morning is 3rd Friday in month …. Just turn up for this event …. this is FREE