Stop! Think Fraud

Action Fraud
Action Fraud
Fraud accounts for almost 40% of all crime. In just one year, 1 in 17 adults in England and Wales were victims of fraud. That’s nearly 3 million of us.
1 in 5 businesses were also a victim of fraud over a 3 year period. In other words, fraud is rife and it can happen to anyone.
Think you’re immune from fraud?
Fraudsters can use highly manipulative methods to get us when our defences are down. Nobody is immune from fraud. We can all be more alert to the risks, and we can all do more to protect ourselves
Q1. Do you stop to check who’s really contacting you?
Q2. Do you automatically trust offers and click on links?
Q3. Do you use the same password for different accounts?
Q4. Do you use 2-step verification?

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