£24,000 in donations handed over to Mayor’s charities

Group holding cheque for Mayors Charity

Two charities supporting people living with Type One diabetes and Parkinson’s disease have been given cheques worth more than £24,000 combined.

Councillor Bill Clarke, representative for Ashton ward, was the Mayor of Wigan Borough in 2017/18, and today he presented cheques for £12,019.61 to two charities, which was raised throughout his mayoral year.

Part of the mayor’s role is to select a charity to raise money for throughout their time in office and Councillor Clarke chose Parkinson’s UK and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (J.D.R.F), a children’s diabetes charity.

Speaking of the donations, Councillor Clarke said: “I wanted to support these two charities because they do not have the high profile of some other charities and it was important to me to make people more aware of both causes.

“It’s absolutely astonishing how much money we are able to hand over and I am eternally grateful to the council, members of the public, community groups and everybody else who held an event or donated or raised awareness in some way.

“The work that Parkinson’s UK and J.D.R.F do on a daily basis is extremely important and the money we have handed over will go a long way in supporting these worthwhile causes as well as helping children living with diabetes or Parkinson’s and their families.”

The money was raised in a number of ways throughout the twelve months Councillor Clarke was in office, including the Mayoral Charity Ball, Kittywake Cruise charity evenings, donations the Grand Arcade and Leiuteancy Office, fundraising by council staff and ad hoc donations from members of the public.

Councillor Clarke has lived in Ashton since 2007 and was elected to Wigan Council in 2012 as an Ashton councillor.

His Mayoral role was succeeded by Councillor Sue Greensmith in 2018, who represents Leigh-West ward. Her deputy, Councillor Steve Dawber, representative of Wigan West ward, is due to take the reins in May 2019.