Inter Faith Week 2018

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A Small Grants Programme from Inter Faith Youth Trust for events organised by and for young people focused around Inter Faith Week 11-18 November 2018 is now open for applications.

The Inter Faith Youth Trust will be awarding small grants up to £500 for organisations running events or projects connected with Inter Faith Week 2018.

Grants are awarded for proposals for inter-faith activities by children and young people from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and other faiths and those of no formal faith in understanding and co-operation. The age range for young people is 11-25 years.

Priority will be given to projects which:
• Actively involve young people in planning, running, and evaluation of the project
• Promote positive action i.e. young people from different backgrounds coming together to address shared problems like improving green spaces
• Are run by non-statutory organisations, such as youth clubs, scout/guide groups, local voluntary and community organisations
• Grants can provide part-funding. Grants are not available for converting young people to a different faith
• Grants are given only to UK based organisations and are given for the agreed purposes set out in the completed grant application form. Grants are for use in accordance with the Trust’s charitable objectives. The Inter Faith Youth Trust as funder takes no responsibility for carrying out the work.

Grants will be awarded for:

• Projects during Inter Faith Week 11-18 November 2018
• Learning by children and young people (11-25 years old) from different faiths about different faiths, through social action.  So you must include more than one faith and show how your project of social action will promote learning about faiths.
• Co-operation and understanding between faiths which preferably involve young people in planning, running, and evaluating; and which promote equal opportunities
• Increasing understanding between people of faith and of no faith

Grants are given to UK based organisations / groups not individuals.

For further information and to apply, visit:

Deadline for applications: Friday 14 September 2018