42nd Street: Covid-19 update

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In view of recent developments in relation to COVID-19 the 42nd Street team have reflected on how to respond in order to keep young people’s needs at the centre of all they do and as a key service in Greater Manchester, whilst balancing their responsibilities to adhere to government advice around social distancing.

42nd Street have developed refined ways of working that mean that they will continue to support young people in their care as best they can over the coming period of disruption.
42nd Street will not be able to process any new referrals to their core service and will be suspending their face to face work in their venues, community venues and education settings.

Young People that are already receiving one to one support in the community
If young people are already receiving one-to-one support from 42nd Street’s central service 42nd Street will contact them to discuss and offer the following options:

  1. Pausing their support until normal service is resumed and face to face delivery
  2. Accessing telephone support either appointments or check ins
  3. Accessing online support if their worker offers this service
  4. Risk planning and management where this is required

All young people currently receiving a service have the contact details for their worker and they can contact them as usual. If the worker is not available they will leave messages and/or out of office messages on their phones and emails so that young people are clear who to contact and how.

Young people from education settings
42nd Street’s offer within schools and colleges, whilst they are closed or reduced, will be suspended until they re-open. However, where there are particular concerns for vulnerable young people, 42nd Street will discuss and decide with the young person, family and education setting if 42nd Street can continue with remote support over the period of disruption; bespoke plans will be put in place on a case by case basis

Online support
Young people can access online support by logging on at www.42ndstreet.org.uk. This service offers young people access to one-to-one support with 42nd Street’s Mental Health Practitioners either in real time or for weekly appointments.

Young people in high levels of distress
42nd Street has a team of workers as part of the Integrated Community Response Service and SafeZones Team, where we work in partnership with health and social care colleagues via Early Help Hubs and Crisis Care Teams across Greater Manchester. Where young people present with high levels of distress colleagues from the Early Help Hubs and Crisis Care Teams will be able to contact these workers to arrange short term, de-escalation and stabilising support.

Group Work
42nd Street is discussing with young people how they would like to continue support over this period of disruption which includes exploring telephone support and digital options such a virtual meetings.

Creative programme – The Horsfall
All public facing exhibitions, performances, training and events have been postponed until further notice. And are exploring options with young people about how they would like to continue to engage with this programme remotely and the Create and Connect project has been launched on Instagram, designed to engage young people that may find themselves at home/isolated for prolonged period of time and want to reconnect and do something positive and creative. 

Safeguarding and risk management
42nd Street is implementing  a revised infrastructure and safeguarding escalation team and process to ensure support and safety for all staff and young people. This plan, alongside their whole redesign, has built in mitigation plans for when/if staff become sick/unable to work.

Courtesy of MACC e bulletin 24 Mar 2020 – 09:14 by michelle.foster