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Our November meeting was again held in the home of the group treasurer Anne Tunnicliffe, but, because it was in Anne`s home we restricted the meeting to the group committee  and our elected members of the council as our invited guests.

The reason we invited our Councillors was to thank them in person for the funding they provided  to pay for the new fencing that has been fitted around the perimeter of Colliers Corner and also for the practical help they have given us over the past few weeks.

With regard to the new fencing, there was a problem with the pedestrian access points near to the new gateway, this area had become quite dangerous because pedestrians had to walk across a patch of grass to reach the footpath, this problem has now been rectified, the access points have now been covered in a layer of tarmac, this makes it much safer and easier to reach the footpath.


Seven days prior to the Remembrance day service, members of the group with help from John & Denise Harding created the Poppy Trail from St Michael`s Church to the Cenotaph, we fitted one hundred and thirty Large Poppies along the Remembrance Day Parade route, it was a fitting tribute to everyone who had sacrificed so much so that we could live our lives to their full potential.

We also cleared and replanted the small garden at the corner of the Cenotaph area and then made sure that the whole area was clean, litter free and ready for the Remembrance service at the Cenotaph.

It was estimated that this year was the best supported parade and service ever seen at Atherton and that there was more poppies laid at the Cenotaph than ever before. ATHERTON WILL NEVER FORGET.

Seven days after the service the Poppies were removed and stored away until they would be needed again. 

Although we have just had remembrance day an idea has been put forward that next year, to help to raise funds for the Royal British Legion Appeal, we would make poppies available that could be engraved / printed with messages of remembrance for people to buy and display them as part of our Poppy Trail, we feel that this is a tremendous idea and we will certainly be supporting it,



The celebration of the Licensing of Atherton`s new Team Vicar took place on Thursday October 3rd in St John`s Parish Church in Atherton.

It was an excellent family occasion and also present were members and  representatives from the various community groups, social groups, faith groups and statutory organisations from WMBC that operate within the Atherton diocese, some of them were presented to the Rev Marshall  as part of the celebratory welcome.

Our new vicar is the Reverend Tracy Marshall and on behalf of the Howe Bridge Community we would like to welcome her to our parish and we hope that she will enjoy working in such a progressive and community minded town and environment.


The large planter at the side of the Scout Headquarters has been damaged and is starting to collapse, this planter was put there to stop fly tipping down the lane at the side of the cemetery wall, and, as a barrier it proved to be very successful.

The planter will be removed by Wigan MBC as soon as they can arrange the removal, we hope that the fly tipping doesn’t happen again.


Did you work in the Cotton industry during the last forty years, if yes, then you could be entitled to a week of convalescence in a Blackpool Hotel.

There is a scheme called the COTTON INDUSTRY WAR MEMORIAL TRUST CONVALESCENCE SCHEME that could make it possible.

Contact the,   Secretary of the CIWMT,   19 Shepherd Street, Norden, Rochdale, OL11 5SU, or email them on [email protected]  for further information and an application form.   


The garden at the entrance to the centre has now been prepared for winter, this will need a lot of work in spring, it will be on the judging route for the Wigan entry in the R H S Britain In Bloom competition.

This will be just one of the Howe Bridge sites that will be on the route, come spring, we will be appealing for help to prepare the village for the judging.


The Bridgers and members of Atherton Environment Projects joined with Pupils, their Parents and Tina Farron { member of Staff }  from St Philips Primary School to work on the Bluebell Gardens, Bolton Road, Atherton.

We had a terrific session preparing the gardens for winter and doing a major clean-up of the area, ALL of the volunteers who turned up were fantastic and almost forty bags of garden and litter waste was collected, it was worth it, the gardens now look FANTASTIC.

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TURNED UP TO HELP. And thanks to Matt Kelly at Wigan MBC for arranging to pick the filled bags up from the site, we couldn`t

manage without your support.


The Annual General Meeting of the bowling club will be held near the end of January, the main items on the agenda will be details of the new season including ALL of the new rules that will come into effect at the start of the 2020 bowling season.

The bowling club will be hoping to recruit a few new members for the 2020 season so, If you would like more information about the bowling club, either as a full member or as a  “ casual bowler “ please contact John Urmston on 01942 883836 or just turn up at the A G M, details of the meeting will be published on the Gardeners Bowling Club website and on Social Media sites.   

The past few weeks have been very busy for the group with members giving lots of presentations to various other groups and organisations in different locations n the North of England.

We received and accepted invitations to the two National Rotary Club Conferences, one in Scarborough and one in Llandudno, each conference lasting for three days, hard work expensive but worth the trouble and expense, we were very well received at both events and these have lead to other invitations to give presentations / demonstrations at future events.

Another worthwhile visit was to Blackburn for the Annual Blackburn Lions winter Fayre, the weather was awful but we managed to give lots of information out to people who are affected by Dementia and also other conditions that make them feel vulnerable. The group Luncheon Clubs and Coffee mornings continue to be very popular with almost full houses at all of our events.

Another success for the group is the MEMORIES TEA ROOM, TOWN HALL BUILDING, BOLTON ROAD, ATHERTON, M46 9JY. The only concern with the tea room is, from opening at 9-30am until lunchtime it is sometimes a bit quiet, we need to try to persuade people to visit the tea room earlier in the morning.

Our online ordering service for the Guardian Angels devices is becoming very popular and we are now sending devices out to ALL parts of the United Kingdom.


It is with a great sadness that  I inform you of the death of one of our group members, ROGER TUNNICLIFFE passed away on Monday November 25th following a long courageous battle against Dementia and Pneumonia, our sincerest condolences go out to ANNE, ROGER`S  FAMILY & FRIENDS


This years annual service of Nine Carols and Lessons is being held in the church on Sunday December 22nd starting at 6-30pm, this is an excellent Carol Service a for ALL of the family.


Because of the time of the year, there isn’t a lot going on apart from the occasional session gardening, so we wont be having any group meetings for a couple of months, if any urgent issues arise we can sort these out when we meet for the gardening sessions.