Wigan Rotary continue to support the needy in Wigan

photo of food donated

In difficult and strange times due to the impact of the Corona Virus 19 there are now many facets to peoples’ lives that they have never experienced before.  Feeding the family is one of the biggest worries.  Very much aware of this Wigan Rotary have investigated where the needs are in the borough and for this latest series of donations from their reserves a total of £5,000.00 has recently been shared between six local support groups.

Church Wigan for their Foodbank and free delivery service received £2,000.

SWAP supporting Wigan arrivals project received £300

Wigan Churches Association supporting family welfare received £1,000

DHAS domestic violence support scheme received £500

Wigan Music Centre support children in musical endeavors £500.

The Golden Gardening project received £200.

Wigan Rotary President Mervyn Reeves said “Now we are nearly into two months of lockdown the problems seem never ending.  We are all trying to stay safe and protect the NHS, but people’s everyday necessities are very difficult to acquire especially for those totally isolated.  This is where Rotary can really make a difference.  We do our very best to step in when required.”  He continued ”Rest assured all the money donated by the people of Wigan through our various activities and events will be passed on where it is the most beneficial”.

In response to receipt of these donations the various groups were in unison in thanking the Club for their generosity and understanding of the needs of others.