Terry’s Quiz Number 83

poster of quiz time


Q1      How many sides does a “ Trapezium “ have                                                                      

Q2      What was cartoon character “ Mr Magoo`s “ first name                                                           

Q3      In what sports do players take “ Long & Short “ corners                                                         

Q4      What name is given to  the “ Study of Heredity “                                                             

Q5      Which city does the “ W A Mozart Airport “ serve                                                           

Q6      Which country produces “ Rioja “ wines                                                                             

Q7      How many colours are used to make a set of “ Snooker Balls “                                              

Q8      In the “ Jerome K Jerome “ story, how many men were in a boat ?                              

Q9      What type of creature is a  “ Flemish Giant “                                                                     

Q10    In which country is the river “ Yangtze “                                                                             

Q11    In the 2004 film “ Troy “ what character did “ Brad Pitt “ play ?                                    

Q12    To which group of animals does the noun “ Bovine “ refer ?                                           

Q13    In Roman mythology, who was the “ Earthly “ love of “ Cupid “ ?                                 

Q14    What is “ Polytetrafluoroethylene “ more commonly called ?                                        

Q15    Of what country is “ Havana “ the capitol ?                                                                          

Q16    What is the only fruit that grows its fruit on the “ Outside “ ?                                         

Q17    The US Bank headquarters “ Fort Knox “ is in which state ?                                             

Q18    If you were a “ Trichologist “ what type of problems would you cure ?                       

Q19    How many yards are there in one “ Chain “ ?                                                                       

Q20    How many players are there in a “ Lacrosse “ team                                                        

Q21    Which British actor played the lead role in the 2009 film “ Harry Brown “ ?              

Q22    To which religion is the “ River Ganges “ sacred                                                            

Q23    The port of “ Lagos “ is in which country ?                                                                           

Q24    In the TV Series, what is the name of “ Homer Simpson`s “ bowling team ?               

Q25    In computing, how many “ Bits are there in a Byte “                                                    

Q26    In which country is  “ Lake Disappointment “                                                                  

Q27    What was the name of the Roman “ God of War “                                                           

Q28    In which US State would you find “ San Quentin “ prison ?                                             

Q29    In which decade was the board game “ Scrabble “  created and released ?                

Q30    A curved stick called a “ Caman “ is used in which game ?


Q1 Four    Q2 Quincy,    Q3 Hockey,    Q4 Genetics,    Q5 Salzburg,    Q6 Spain,    Q7 Eight,Q8 Three,   Q9 Rabbit,   Q10 China,    Q11 Achilles,    Q12 Cattle,    Q13 Psyche,   Q14 Teflon,Q15 Cuba,   Q16 Strawberry,   Q17 Kentucky,   Q18 Hair / Scalp,   Q19  22,   Q20 Twelve, Q21 Michael Caine,   Q22 Hindu,    Q23 Nigeria,    Q24 Pin Pals,    Q25 Eight,   Q26 Australia, Q27  Mars,    Q28 California,    Q29 1955,    Q30 Shinty,