Chairperson and Treasurer Role Opportunities at LENDF

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Dear All
The LENDF community group are still in need of a Chairperson and Treasurer and I attach the descriptions of these roles.  The time required to perform these duties will be dependant on the issues and tasks that the group are untaking at any one time. 

It could be a few hours a week or more, so may suit a retired person or a person who works part time.

The position of Secretary has been filled successfully and the committee recently had a meeting to continue discussions on moving the group forward to be a representative for Lowton East residents. 
If you are interested in either of these roles then please respond via this email.  

Irene Thomson (Temporary Chair)

LENDF    EastNeighbourhood Development Forum

The Role of a Chairperson:

The Chairperson is elected to lead the group towards achieving its main aims. The Chairperson steers the group through meetings, by following a pre-agreed agenda, and has casting vote when decisions are tied. A good Chair will allow everyone to have their say, but keep the meeting focused on the topic at hand. They will have good organisational skills and are able to form good working relationships.
A Chair’s duties include:
· Representing the group as a whole, upholding the views of the members and speaking on their behalf where and when necessary.
· Preparing the agenda with the Secretary before each meeting.
· Introducing sufficient formality in the meetings to ensure that all business is dealt with efficiently.
· Giving all members in a meeting an equal chance to express their views, handling the overconfident tactfully, and giving encouragement to the timid.
· Keeping a balance in meetings, trying always to reach unanimous decisions. Frequent votes only result in the formation of sub-groups and a loss of unity; so, after all the facts have been presented and all views expressed, the Chair should try to voice the feeling of the majority in such a way that the dissenters are satisfied that the decision is the best for the group as a whole.
· Checking after every item of business that the Minutes Secretary knows what to record in the minutes.
· Ensuring that the decisions of the group are carried out.
· Collaborate with other communities and/or interest groups to share knowledge and ideas.
· Assist other community groups with Brighter Borough applications and funding requests.  Liaise with WBC and local councillors.
· The group is non-political and is driven by the needs/concerns of the local community.  A good relationship with all the ward councillors is paramount.
· Constantly looking out for suitable people to join the committee structure and especially for sub-committees needed for specific tasks.  At times it may be appropriate that, for example, a person other than the Chair acts as the contact person with the ‘outside world’. A Vice Chair or Secretary would fulfll this role. The most important thing is for the Chair to keep an overview of the organisation.
· To facilitate all of the above would generally require a various amount of hours per week, with the monthly meetings taking up most of that requirement.

 The Role of a Treasurer:
The purpose of this role is to maintain an overview of the group’s financial affairs, and ensure that money is properly maintained, spent and recorded. The proper management of money is vital and not only for obvious reasons.
A Treasurer duties include:
· To ensure that accounting procedures and controls are in place
· To ensure that any money is handled according to financial rules
· To record all transactions and give receipts for all monies received.
· To ensure that the financial resources of the group meet its present and future needs, advising on the financial implications of the organisations strategic plans.
· To oversee, approve and present budgets, annual statements of accounts and financial statements, including a report for the Annual General Meeting.
· To ensure that financial investments are consistent with the aims and objects of the group and it’s legal responsibilities.
· When funds are raised from the public accounts should be made public (this helps to give the committee a sense of accountability).
· S/he should allow as few people as possible to handle the group’s money.
· Large amounts of cash should never be kept in hand.
· Personal cash should never be allowed to become muddled with the group’s funds The Treasurer should keep the Committee regularly informed of the financial position. The prime aim is to ensure that the anticipated expenditure will not exceed the expected income.
· To facilitate all of the above would generally require a various amount of hours per week depending on the group’s activity and task completions.