Adoption of Houses in Multiple Occupation


Adoption of Houses in Multiple Occupation Supplementary Planning Document – Wigan Council

This is notification that Wigan Council has adopted its Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) today, Thursday 17 March. 

The SPD can be viewed on the council’s website via a link from An Adoption Statement and Consultation Statement can also be viewed online, the latter setting out how consultation on the SPD was undertaken, the comments received, and how it informed the SPD.

The SPD has been produced to better manage the provision of HMOs, improve the standards of accommodation provided and reduce detrimental impacts on neighbours.  It assists in the interpretation of policies within the adopted development plan and sets out guidance and good practice for planning applicants to enable the delivery of better planning outcomes.  The SPD does not address issues in relation to existing HMOs but will be an important material consideration in the determination of planning applications for new and expanded HMOs.

If you have any queries regarding the Houses in Multiple Occupation SPD, please get in touch with the council’s Strategic Planning team at

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