A Double Young Carers Day Out

children tackling the rock climbing

During recent years Wigan Rotary Club has given around 20 young carers from the Wigan area a Fun day out. This year for the first time the Club along with Golborne Lightshaw Rotary Club were able to organise two separate Fridays in August and give 40 children an unforgettable day! 

The first Friday nearly had to be cancelled as the weather forecast warned of high winds, electric storms and flooding.  Planning a day on the waters of Scotman’s Flash was not a very suitable activity…. however, after a very stormy wet night the day was dry, cloudy weather with hardly any wind.

At 9.30a.m.the children came together with their wonderful volunteer leaders. They were very young, very shy and unsure of what to make of a group of Rotarians welcoming them, trying to reassure them of a great day ahead organised brilliantly by the team from Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles at Scotsman’s Flash.

The day started off with a light breakfast and then on with wetsuits and to the different boats. Some so very shy and scared but with support and encouragement they all had a try! Great fun and squeals of delight quickly took over.

about to board!

With much resistance they agreed to come off the Flash and after getting out of their wetsuits and mostly dry again they couldn’t wait to tuck into a BBQ that tasted as good as it smelt! 

The rain did not stop everyone having a wonderful afternoon and then a small bonfire was lit under the gazebo so that the children could toast marshmallows and that marked the end of a wonderful day.

The second day was very warm and sunny so very different from the first day but again children enjoying themselves, enjoying a day when they had no responsibilities and could be the children they are, young, giddy, shy, boisterous, cheeky and so deserving of a day out.

The two days were summarised by a small, shy girl trying to hide so that she could stay even longer, the Rotarians knew that again the Young Carers Funday had been fun and so much more!