A Good Thing is coming to Greater Manchester


Following a successful pilot in the Thames Valley last year, the brand-new not-for-profit A Good Thing is thrilled to be rolling its service out across Greater Manchester.

A Good Thing is an online matchmaking platform that links charities up with local businesses who have things to donate. Think Freecycle, but for charities and businesses. So far laptops, monitors, stationery, furniture and beautiful baby blankets have all been donated through A Good Thing, to the delight of brilliant local charities.

A Good Thing is growing fast, and keen to get as many charities and businesses across Greater Manchester signed up as it can: are you a charity in need of items in order to deliver your services better and more efficiently?

Are you a business that has leftover things you’d like to find a new home for? Are you trying to avoid things going into landfill? If so, A Good Thing is for you!

Go to www.agoodthing.org.uk and sign up – it takes 30 seconds and is completely free.