A Question of Sport?


Call for Written Evidence: A Question of Sport? An Inquiry into the cultural value of sport to the North’s cities, towns and communities 



Inquiry into the cultural value of sport to the North’s cities, towns and communities 




The Northern Culture APPG is holding a major Inquiry into the role sporting activity plays – across the North – in terms of shaping the region’s cultural identity, value and economy. 


We are calling for written evidence from all those with a stake in rebalancing and levelling up the North’s cultural value through sport in the North’s cities, towns and communities. 


The Northern Culture APPG wants to receive evidence from all those organisations who are supporting, creating and investing in cultural opportunities to maximise the North’s growth potential. Sport and culture are intrinsically linked in our communities; developing a rich seam of talent and tackling inequalities. This Northern Culture APPG Inquiry will look at the contribution ALL sport makes – from elite to grassroots football to rugby, cycling, cricket, etc. – to building stronger places and more diverse communities. 


The definition of “sport” used for this Inquiry is that used in the European Sports Charter: 


“All forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental wellbeing, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels.” 


Call for Submissions  

We are inviting you to submit evidence on any, or all, of the three questions below. You do not have to answer all questions. Only those where you have evidence or knowledge to submit to support your view. If you cannot contribute, please forward on this email to any relevant interested parties. 


  1. What is needed to boost the cultural value of sport and build stronger communities across the North? 
  2. How can sport contribute to generating better and more inclusive places and communities? 
  3. What is the economic contribution of sport to culture? 
  4. What investment is needed to increase the cultural output of sporting institutions? 
  5. How can sporting institutions turn funding into cultural value for their communities? 
  6. Should more powers and funding be devolved to connect the value of sport to Northern Culture? 
  7. How much more cultural value could sport add to levelling up opportunities and access to culture? 
  8. How can sport aid participation in culture? 
  9. How do we ensure a fair spread of funding for sport across the North? 
  10. How do we ensure funding is fairly distributed across different sports? 
  11. How can we ensure communities and spectators are able to access sport and its cultural value? 
  12. How can we ensure fair access to sport for underrepresented communities? 
  13. How can sport drive cultural value, identity and diversity and contribute to the North’s rich seam of talent and grow the North’s economy? 
  14. What is the value of sport to the North’s cultural identity? 
  15. How can sporting institutions contribute to a sense of place and community? 
  16. How can sport contribute to a strong Northern cultural brand a strong and cohesive brand for the North, building recognition of its world-class reputation 
  17. How do we develop a strong and diverse supply chain for sporting talent? 



Please submit through the website portal here by 9:00 on Monday 5th September. 

Please indicate which questions your answers and evidence relate to. 


Please note that the submission is limited to 2,000 words. If you would like to submit a longer piece of evidence, please email it with a summary to  [email protected].  We will be in touch if we require you to give oral evidence at one of the sessions. 


Please do get in touch if you need to discuss or want to find out more about how to support the Northern Culture APPG. 




James Daly MP  Co-Chair 
Northern Culture APPG     
Julie Elliott MP  Co-Chair 
Northern Culture APPG