A Week of Digital to Showcase Wigan’s Tech-Savvy Businesses and Role Models

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A week-long event dedicated to highlighting opportunities and support for businesses, public services and residents has been organised by Wigan Council.

Digital Leaders Week (12-16 October) which starts on Monday aims to ensure residents can stay ahead of the digital curve by sharing various initiatives and schemes going on within the council and beyond.

This year’s timetable of activities has taken on greater significance with the pandemic bringing about unprecedented change to the way we work and live.

The fact pace at which the digital transformation continues to accelerate demonstrates why campaigns like Digital Leaders Week are important to ensure no one is left behind.

One such initiative that has been born out of the COVID-19 pandemic is a digital mentor service which initially aimed to make sure some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents stayed connected.

TechMates was launched by Wigan Council to prevent isolation for those residents who were and perhaps still unable to leave their homes and may not have the necessary digital skills to utilise technology.

Volunteers and staff provide one-to-one basic digital support over the telephone helping residents build their digital skill-set through the use of different devices and tools so they can browse the internet, communicate with friends and family and access essential online services.

With the pandemic forcing many businesses to re-think and re-model how they operate, small and medium businesses can access the digital support service.

Business owners can identify opportunities and key priorities that enable business growth, improvement and innovation through specialist advice that won’t cost a penny.

As part of Digital Leaders Week, the council will also be hosting a Digital Her event which aims to inspire and guide young women to consider future careers in technology.

Working with high schools in the borough, girls will have access to STEM related subjects so they can research the range of careers available. They will also have the chance to listen to Wigan’s Digital Her Real Role Models during a panel discussion.

To connect with one of our TechMates or to refer a friend or relative, complete the online form here: https://www.wigan.gov.uk/Council/Digital-Wigan/TechMates-request-form.aspx

Business owners who are keen to expand their companies through digital support, can also do so by visiting https://www.wigan.gov.uk/Business/Business-Support/Advice/Digital-support.aspx