‘Ageing Equally?’ – Call for research project proposals and support provider

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The ‘Ageing Equally?’ research project is focusing on what makes a good place in which to grow older for people who belong to minority communities. Research from the Ambition for Ageing programme has shown that marginalisation is linked to the risk of social isolation.

This programme aims to generate a deeper understanding of what supports wellbeing and what makes places age-friendly for a cross-section of communities of identity or experience within the population of Greater Manchester, in order to prevent social isolation.

As part of ‘Ageing Equally?’ GMCVO is seeking:
• Proposals for research projects (up to £8,000 for maximum 9 months)
• A support provider to assist organisations taking part in ‘Ageing Equally?’

LGBT Foundation is also seeking proposals from Equalities Board members for research projects (up to £2,000 for a maximum of 6 months)

For further information and to apply visit: https://ambitionforageing.org.uk/ageing-equally, or email: [email protected]

courtesy of MACC E Bulletin by michelle.foster