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Making Connections – Our new video

Our new short video, inspired by Action Together, demonstrates how the programme works to create more age friendly places by connecting communities and people through the creation of relationships, development of existing assets and putting older people at the heart of designing the places they live. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Learning from the Ambition for Ageing on developing age-friendly neighbourhoods

Ambition for Ageing has published a resource bringing together workshops, presentations and posters in addition to summaries of roundtables on the topic of legacy and sustainability. The web resource offers good practice and learning on many different ways to build age-friendly communities from micro-funding to working with businesses, engaging marginalised communities to the role of housing providers and much, much more.

The resource was developed during the Ambition for Ageing Age-Friendly Futures event, held in December 2018. Click here to visit the web resource

Our commitment to Disaster Risk Reduction

Ambition for Ageing are helping Greater Manchester meet the ‘United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’ (UNISDR) voluntary commitments for the International Sendai Framework. Our commitment aims to ensure that older people are heard when designing disaster resilience building programmes, enabling GM to co-identify potential solutions and approaches to resilience. Click here for more information.

Staying mobile in later life

In 2018, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and the GM Ageing Hub, with the support of the Centre for Ageing Better, commissioned research to further understand what an age-friendly transport network looks like, the mobility challenges older people face and what they see as transport priorities. We have been supporting this work.

This review made five broad recommendations. Going forward, we will be supporting TfGM and the GM Ageing Hub to publish plans on responding to the recommendations. Click here to read more.