Funding is for projects that make a real and ongoing difference to people’s lives in the UK. The Trustees state that for grant purposes

  • Real means an appreciable and significant difference. For example, something that affects one person’s life to a great extent, possibly leading to a significantly improved probability that the person will be involved in the Arts on an ongoing basis (i.e., by having a career in the Arts) and something that affects many people’s lives, (i.e., through improved access to the Arts).
  • Difference implies that the funding award contributes to something that would not otherwise happen, without the making of such awards. This might (but need not necessarily) include the overcoming of special difficulties/obstacles.
  • Ongoing refers to something that is going to have a long-term benefit and an ongoing effect on people’s lives, rather than ‘an effect that is ephemeral’.

Priority will be given to projects that enable people to develop skills and careers in heritage and in all areas of the performing arts (music, dance and drama) but other areas will be considered.

Who can apply? Not-for-profit organisations, including charities, companies and community trusts, based and operating within the UK, are eligible to apply. To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have a proven track record for the project for which they seek funding.
  • Have a bank or building society account in the organisation’s name.
  • Be able to meet all laws regulating the way they operate, the work being carried out, the staff being

employed and services bought. This includes all permissions and insurances required by law.

  • Have appropriate policies in place including but not limited to equal opportunities, employment

law, and data protection.

Grant amount: Funding is at the discretion of the Trustees. It is expected that most applicants would have secured a significant proportion of funding prior to sending in their application.

Deadline: Ongoing

Application process: Applications must be completed using the online process which can be found on the Foundation’s website