Applications currently open for the Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel

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We are contacting to notify you that Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and the leaders of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority endorsed proposals at the end of September to establish a Race Equality Panel for Greater Manchester. 

Applications are currently open from individuals interested in joining with a deadline of 18th October for submitting applications. 

Here’s some key information about the new panel and role requirements for panel members, published on the GMCA website. Feel free to forward this info on to anyone you think may be interested in applying:
Background to the panel
The Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel aims to address the systemic inequalities, racism and discrimination which disadvantage the people of Greater Manchester because of their culture, ethnicity or race. 
The purpose of the panel is to: 
•       advise and challenge Greater Manchester public sector bodies on their work to tackle systemic inequalities, racism and prevent discrimination 
•       increase the visibility of issues relating to race, and be involved in co-designing and implementing the solutions 
Who we’re looking for 
The panel will be made up of individuals representing Greater Manchester’s communities and 10 districts. Intersectionality of race and other characteristics will also be considered. 
We are looking for panel members who: 
•       are passionate about tackling racial inequality and discrimination wherever they find it
•       have strong links to communities, as well as the mechanisms to harness their views and represent them
•       are also able to actively seek out the voices of people who are not currently heard, work with other perspectives, and aim to agree a ‘collective good’ 
•       will inspire BAME people to participate in civic life
•       will champion the work of the panel to encourage wider participation and buy-in to its work
•       have insight or first-hand experience of the issues the panel will focus on 
•       have experience of other marginalised groups

What panel members will be expected to do 
•       Commit a minimum of 12 half days to the work of the panel annually, including attending monthly meetings
•       Take part in subgroups that relate to issues pertinent to your community
•       Take forward any actions that have been agreed, and report back progress to the panel in the timescales agreed 
How to apply 
Please visit to apply online. 
If you would prefer to complete a Word version of the application form, please email [email protected]

All applications must be received by Sunday 18th October 2020.  
Support completing your application
If you require support to fill out the application form, or you want to learn more about the Race Equality Panel before you make a decision to apply, please email Adrian Bates or Claire Slade at [email protected]