Are you interested in making the borough a safer place, could you offer your support!

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Safe Place is a national scheme which helps people who feel vulnerable find places where they can get help if, for example, they are scared or lost. The scheme supports local businesses, cafés, shops, or public service sites (such as libraries, bus stations, health centres, etc.) to be identified as Safe Places and how best to help.

Following positive discussions with stakeholders across Greater Manchester, we want to mobilise the scheme across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Wigan Council are asking for potential providers to work in partnership to deliver Wigan Borough’s Safe Place Scheme which will operate alongside other key safety projects including Safer Streets at Night and in line with The Deal principles.

For further detailed information regarding the project and expectations email

If you are interested in delivering Safe Places in Wigan Borough, please email with an expression of interest and overview of your proposal including costs, programme of delivery, contingency planning and confirmation of capacity to deliver within the next 3 months and continue to set up a sustainable model. (this can then be worked on together with support from the Safer Place Co-ordinator)

For further information please contact Anthony as per below.

Deadline – Friday 28th January 2022, 12pm.

Email – Rudd, Anthony