Art Exhibition: Sophie Elsden

art work by Sophie Elsden
Sophie Elsden is currently studying Fine Art and Art History on a full-time course at University; she has been passionate about art and making from a young age.

Sophie has always disliked labels and feels they restrict her work, so she doesn’t identify with a specific style of art. She focuses on emotions and getting her thoughts onto the page through gesture, capturing movement and most importantly energy.
Her starting point for a piece of work is often a piece of recycled wood, plastic or fabric which then becomes her background.

She builds layers of history from that material, how she found it and where it may have been from. Visually, she uses colour to create layers and bring elements forward and works on the composition she feels best portrays her thoughts.

She is highly influenced by nature and human body and uses music to help her channel her emotions and transfer them easily onto material.    

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