Ashton Circle


Ashton Circle and our online offer – Circles Connected

Ashton Circle brings people together around shared interests, supported by our Connector, Becky Noy. There is a monthly programme of events which is shaped by the interests of our members and includes events such as coffee club, knit and natter, mindfulness, meals out, cinema trips, craft sessions, book club and walking groups. Whatever ideas or interests people have we can help to support. The groups are a way to keep involved with a favourit hobby or try something new, get together with friends or create opportunities for new relationships.

Because of the pandemic our face to face groups have had to be put on hold for the time
being and that’s where the idea of Circles Connected Facebook Group came from; an
opportunity to keep people connected and entertained into one virtual space. Circles
Connected started as a way to virtually replicate our face to face groups and has now grown to a variety of posts, events and activities from sketching classes to conversation starters, quiz nights to coffee clubs, virtual tours to photography challenges and everything in between.

The group has over 700 members from across the UK, everyone is welcome to
join and contribute.

We are very much looking forward to resuming face to face groups in Ashton when we are able and work alongside our community colleagues.

We do plan to keep the Facebook Group going so that we have a range of ways of supporting connections.