Asking Dog Owners To ‘Paws and Pick It Up’

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The ‘Paws and Pick It Up’ campaign is looking to crackdown on the small minority of dog owners who flout the law and spoil public spaces for everyone else.

While the days are shorter and the temptation to not pick up dog poo is higher, we are asking residents to be responsible for any mess your dog leaves.

As part of the initiative, Wigan Council will be releasing bag dispensers and torches to aid pet owners when they are out, especially at night. In The Big Listening project residents said they wanted clean and green communities they could be proud of.

The council’s Our Town campaign is committed to tackling environmental issues and ensuring Wigan Borough remains cleaner and more attractive to residents. On average, the costs for dealing with dog-related complaints, dog fouling removal, education and enforcement costs the council approximately £150,000 annually.

A recent consultation which attracted just short of 500 responses found that the vast majority were in favour of dog fouling enforcement across public land and for owners to always have poo bags at the ready anytime they walked their pooch.

If approved next month, Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) could soon cover dog fouling hotspots and mean dogs are not allowed to be walked on children’s play areas and sports pitches, while also kept on their leads in defined areas.

PSPOs are proposed around play areas in the following public parks; Haigh Hall, Pennington Flash, Mesnes Park, Jubilee Park, Central Park/Morley St Park, Leyland Park, Abram Park, Pennington Hall Park, Ashfield Park, Shevington Park, Astley St Park, Alexandra Park, Firs Park and Westleigh Park.

The promotional items that are being released by the council will be available to residents at libraries across the borough but are on a first come, first served basis. Anyone wishing to receive an item will also be asked to fill out a short questionnaire which asks people about the issue and anything the council could do to support pet owners.Residents can always report instances of dog fouling via the Report It app. For more information, click here: