Aziz Foundation : funding for communities

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Grants are awarded to those charitable activities which meet our three core aims, and usually to registered charities or charitable community groups. However, in exceptional circumstances, bodies or individuals working outside of a registered organization may be supported as and when authorised by the Board of Trustees. All funds are allocated in accordance to a robust assessment and monitoring process and all policies must be adhered to by recipients. For more information, please refer to our grants policy HERE.

If the work of your charity, organisation or group meets any one of our stated objectives, you may apply for a grant by completing the application process online, or downloading and submitting an application form to us by email. All applications must be submitted with the following documents and within the deadline/s specified:

  1. Narrative proposal (no more than four A4 sides). Bear in mind this will accompany your online application. 
  2. Budgets
  3. Governing document
  4. Annual accounts
  5. Relevant policies 

Priorities for Support

The number of projects which can be supported is limited by the amount of funds available
for distribution in one year. The Board of Trustees have determined that the priorities for
funding over the next few years will be around:

a. Community Development
To identify needs, raise awareness and strengthen capacity for self-help in
disadvantaged communities. In addition, to invest in and develop the leadership
capacity and human capital of disadvantaged communities, so that they may better
address their needs.

b. Public Engagement
To strengthen the representation, visibility and voice of disadvantaged communities in
policy, media and public discourse, and arts and culture.

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