Aims/priorities: The objectives of the Westhill Endowment are the promotion of education in the manner which reflects the principles of the Christian religion and the tradition of the historic free churches and the promotion of dialogue and educational interchange between the Christian Church and persons of other living faiths.

To achieve these objectives Westhill supports community-transforming projects with advice and grants.

Westhill offers grants of between £1000 and £20,000 for agreed projects.  Larger sums for projects running over two years are considered but matching funding is sometimes advised.

If you are not sure about making an application, you can send them a half page synopsis setting out your ideas and they will advise you if further work on the approach is reasonable.

If you have limited experience in writing up a project, tell them and they will try to help.

Application Form: Apply in writing following the guidelines detailed on the website below.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at anytime.

Contact information: Westhill Endowment Trust Tel: 0121 472 8000 Fax: 0121 415 8453

Email: [email protected]  Website address: www.westhillendowment.org