Benefact Trust – The Building Improvement Grants Fund

News/Updates:Funding to Support Capital Works on Christian Buildings Across the UK grants to support capital works to protect and enhance Christian church and charity buildings, ensuring their continued use and viability, and the safeguarding of their heritage.

The Building Improvement Grants Fund will support direct capital costs relating to the following types of work:
Essential, one-off repairs or other capital works to ensure the continued use or viability of a building.
Minor capital works or equipment purchases to meet operational or accessibility requirements.
Conservation or restoration of historic features that contribute to the preservation and appreciation of a building’s heritage.
Other aesthetic enhancements. Energy efficiency/renewable energy measures.

Who can apply?The programme is open to applications from churches, cathedrals, denominational bodies and Christian charities across the UK.

Grant amount:
The average decision time for smaller grants (up to £25,000) is two months.
Larger grants (over £25,000) are considered at grants committee and board meetings and can take between four and six months.
Applications can be submitted at any time. 

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