Bowel Cancer Awareness Month


April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, a fantastic annual opportunity to raise awareness of bowel cancer and funds to support our work.  

The earlier bowel cancer is spotted, the more treatable it’s likely to be. In fact, more than 9 in 10 people survive bowel cancer when it is diagnosed at the earliest stage.

However this drops significantly when diagnosed at the latest stage. Follow us over on our instagram, Facebook, twitter and Linkedin or sign up to our newsletter to hear more from our community as part of our exciting #OneThing campaign. As well as become a pat of our wonderful community and stay updated, hear real life stories and find out ow you can help people with bowel cancer.

Every 15 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with bowel cancer – that’s nearly 43,000 people each year.

If you have any concerns, your GP would like to see you.

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