Call for VCSE representatives to sit on GM Integrated Care System Boards


The GM VCSE Leadership Group are looking for dynamic strategic focused leaders from the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester (GM) to sit on three new boards set up to govern health and social care across GM.

This is an opportunity to represent the VCSE sector and influence (and challenge) the decisions made at the highest points of governance for health and social care provision in GM.

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Would you like to represent #GMVCSE on new GM Integrated Care System boards? #VCSELeadershipGM are recruiting for dynamic leaders who are able to act as connectors and catalysts for change. Find out more:

#VCSELeadershipGM are looking for strategic focused leaders in the VCSE who can sit on boards to influence and challenge decisions made within GM health and social care.

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Are you a connected leader in #GMVCSE, with system knowledge of the health and social care system in GM and want to influence change? #VCSELeadershipGM are inviting applications to sit on 3 new boards set up to govern the new GM Integrated Care System

Closing date for applications for the new GM Integrated Care System board VCSE representatives is 5th November.

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