Can you donate unwanted school uniforms?


Recycling School Uniforms

Smart Futures CIC will ensure all children feel included by making sure every one of them has access to the appropriate uniform. We do this by taking in donations of uniform collecting them from various drop off points around the borough (Saving hundreds of items from going to landfill and reducing the sector’s carbon footprint).

We then wash/mend sort items as necessary to ensure they are saleable. They will then be put on sale in our shops, via our website and at pop up shops in the borough.

Smart Futures is a Community Interest Company with a difference, set up to increase the social inclusion of children across our borough living in poverty by providing school uniform packages. Wearing the right school uniform is fundamental to the development of the individual child ensuring they are treated the same by their peers, ensures they feel a sense of belonging and pride in their appearance and reduces the likelihood of the child being bullied because they don’t have the ‘right’ clothing.

Too often parents have to make difficult/impossible choices about what essentials to buy and clothing and school uniform can often be way down the list. Imagine being the only child in the classroom not in uniform and the impact that has on your confidence.

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