Can you help Angela find out what barriers are preventing people from accessing the Wigan Borough Domestic Abuse Service?

lots of words relating to domestic violence

Hi everyone

My name is Angela Owens and I have recently been asked by Wigan Borough Domestic Abuse Service to help make the service more accessible to people from minority backgrounds.  This includes black and minority ethnic people as well as carers, people with disabilities, people from LGBTQI+ and all other under represented groups.

I want to ask for everyone’s help with this.  You are the experts in your community groups.  Will you work with me to find ways we can achieve this?  What are the barriers and how can we push them down?  We know domestic abuse affects people from all backgrounds and all communities.

Can you help me to shape Wigan Borough’s Domestic Abuse Service so it can meet the needs of our diverse community. 

I am getting out and about in the community and look forward to meeting people and hearing what you have to say! Please send any suggestions/queries to

Kindest regards

Angela Owens

Women for Well Women