Care and Wellbeing Fund



The fund’s objective over the next 10 years (2015 to 2025) is to improve health and wellbeing in the UK with particular focus on people living with cancer and disadvantaged groups such as those with a long-term health condition.

The fund seeks to drive greater social impact by improving the health and care
outcomes for vulnerable groups, increasing the quality and access to services and developing financially robust models for charities and social enterprises.

The fund has four key priorities:

 Community based care
 Integrated care
 Better use of informal resources
 Prevention and wellbeing

The majority of investments will be made into service redesign projects, developed alongside health commissioners.

The fund is looking to invest in projects that meet the following criteria:

 Community focus – community based health and social care
services, from prevention to clinical services

 Link to cancer – projects supporting people affected by
cancer or generating learning that can benefit people
affected by cancer

 Financial criteria – Projects of between £500,000 and £2.4
million with the potential to repay capital with a financial

Who can apply? Social enterprises that are delivering health and social care
services in the UK can apply.

To be eligible, social enterprises must:

 Be operating either as CICs or limited companies
 Have adequate safeguards to protect the identified social
 Reinvest the majority of their profits in order to further pursue
their social mission

Grant amount: Loans and other investment of between £500,000 and £2.4
million are available. By working with the fund, social enterprises will have access to:

 Analytical support to develop a fully costed and evidencebased model
 Financial investment to support development and growth
 Business advisory support and mentoring

Application process: The Care and Wellbeing Fund does not operate a formal
application process or set rounds for applications.

Organisations that believe they share the fund’s ambitions should send an
email to:

Deadline: There are no deadlines. Applications will be accepted at any
time during the period that the fund operates.

Contact: Tel: 020 7770 6836