Care Leavers’ Achievements are Recognised

Celebration for The Deal For Care Leavers, at the end of Care Leavers Week 2019, at the DW Stadium. / Wigan Council

The achievements of young care leavers have been recognised at Wigan borough’s annual Care Leaver Awards.

Eight young people won awards and many more were nominated for achievements including contributions to their local communities, commitment to education, parenting skills, showing resilience and overcoming adversity.

Shaunna Divine, 21, from Atherton, won this year’s Care Leaver of the Year award, for her determination and hard work to succeed academically despite significant challenges.

Shaunna is now studying at the University of Liverpool. She said: “I felt happy to be recognised for my achievements, but most importantly I think the awards ceremony is important to celebrate the achievements and successes of others, as we don’t often get to find out what each other are up to. It was a great way to bring care leavers together to support one another.”

Wigan borough’s Care Leaver of the Year, Shaunna, along with three other young people from the borough, Jason Cunningham, 20, from Abram, Chloe Halliwell, 20, from Wigan and Ricia Dericott, 22 from Hindley Green, were also recognised at the Greater Manchester Care Leaver Awards.

All young care leavers are encouraged to join the care leavers’ council and help influence decisions the council makes about services for young people living in care. They are also invited to visit the care leavers café, CL Creations, where they can learn how to cook the food they eat.

To find out more about getting involved in the care leavers’ council and the café, please contact Sharon at Wigan Council: [email protected]

Wigan borough’s awards were sponsored by local organisations, Pathways and Inspire.

The following young people were recognised at Wigan’s Care Leaver Awards 2019:

Community contribution: Jason Cunningham, 20.

Trish Hurlock progression award: Kieran Moran, 20.

Overcoming adversity: Candice Curtin, 19.

Special achievement: Nicole Hussain, 19.

Transitioning to parenthood: Lucy Campbell, 19.

Academic achiever: Warren Rindor, 21.

Peer role model: Ricia Dericott, 22.

Care Leaver of the Year: Shaunna Divine, 21.