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Healthcare & Well-being

Funding opportunities related to Healthcare and Well-being, including Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Disabilities, Caner, HIV, AIDS, Food, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired


Community fund will help grassroots groups impacted by pandemic

A £2m Wigan Council fund will help community organisations, groups and clubs disrupted by the pandemic get back up and running. Open to bids from all grassroots and voluntary...

Women Thrive Fund

 Grants up to £40,000 for organisations supporting women and girls to improve their mental health and wellbeing and/or improve their financial resilience.Closing date: 25th MarchTo find out more visit https://rosauk.org/funds/women-thrive-fund/
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Funding Upcoming Deadlines

Alec Dickson Trust Max. Value: £ 500 Deadline: 21 Mar 2021 Grants are available to support volunteering projects in the...

Peter Kershaw Trust

Ordinary Grants These grants are made for a wide variety of purposes under the general heading of "social welfare", e.g. to assist people with medical conditions, disabilities, addictions,...
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Funding – Upcoming Deadlines

Windrush Day Grant Scheme Max. Value: £ 25,000 Deadline: 10 Mar 2021 Grants are available for local authorities, charities and community...

Get Grants

To view the bulletin please visit https://2xdlw.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/mk/mr/A-rTp8LZk5dBALqTE6b9MkP9JBJJAUGu7Vnavtp0IQSuvpzXjLv6ZryB6pWHPYZe9YDBRTVXEipOwK8-7w4g159RrdBR-UunNo51Y5GnjDQDZgaJ
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Funding – Reminders of Approaching Deadlines

Assura Community Fund and Rugby League World Cup 2021 Grants Programme Max. Value: £ 5,000 Deadline: 28 Feb 2021 Grants are available for...
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Funding Bulletin February 2021

Information for the bulletin is compiled from a number of sources including Grantfinder, and direct from funders themselves. It showcases just a few of the hundreds of...
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Funding – Upcoming Deadlines

ESF Community Grants - Greater Manchester Max. Value: £ 20,000 Deadline: 22 Feb 2021 Grants are available for third sector organisations to offer local...
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New February Funding

The February Funding Bulletin issued by Wigan Borough Community Partnership is available. Go to https://www.wbcommunitypartnership.org The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life for...
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