CCTV helping crime crackdown in Leigh thanks to £5m fund

image of CCTV cameras

Dozens of CCTV cameras funded by a £5m cash injection are helping to crackdown on crime across Leigh town centre.

The 50 cameras, plus two mobile ‘rapid-deployment’ units are in addition to the town’s previous network and are part of Wigan Council’s Believe in Leigh fund.

Tackling anti-social behaviour and crime both in the town centre and residential areas was identified as a priority after 600 responses were received on how the money should be spent.

As a result, £400k was earmarked for safety measures and environmental improvements.

The new CCTV cameras have supported Wigan Council officers in obtaining vital evidence and in the eventual prosecution of individuals when they are flouting the law.

Lord Smith, Leigh West councillor and lead member of the Believe In Leigh board, said: “We asked Leigh residents what they felt needed investment and we have listened.

“It is essential that people living in or visiting the town centre, whether that is through the day or in the evening, feel safe.

“Significant action has now been taken on those concerns and it’s pleasing to see the comprehensive network of cameras in Leigh town centre is having a positive impact.”

Ten new CCTV columns have also been installed to hold the cameras and each one will have four fixed cameras and one remotely controlled camera.

Their locations have been agreed following consultation with partner organisations including Greater Manchester Police, local ward members and community groups.

Lord Smith added: “People who are thinking of committing crime or anti-social behaviour in the centre should be aware they are likely to be seen and that evidence will be passed to police.

“There is a lot of work taking place behind the scenes to ensure the right decisions are being made, and we are liaising with community groups such as Leigh Neighbours and Leigh Residents Association to see how the local community can lead on cohesion for the area.”

In addition to the CCTV, there has been investment in brighter low energy LED lighting, refreshed road markings on Market Place and the refurbishment of benches, guard rails and poles.

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