Centrepoint receives £3M donation from Julia and Hans Rausing Trust to build homes for homeless young people


Julia and Hans Rausing are delighted to announce a new, significant donation of £3M to support the development of Centrepoint’s Independent Living Programme to give young people experiencing homelessness in London and Manchester a home and a job.

The donation is the largest single donation the charity has received in its 52-year history.

The programme seeks to provide vulnerable 18-25 year olds in-or-at-risk of being homeless a homeand a job or an apprenticeship.

Centrepoint will use the donation to tackle the shortage of quality affordable homes. They aim to only charge a young person approximately one-third of their salary as rent. This would typically mean a 20-year old young person in Manchester, earning minimum wage (currently £6.56 per hour) would pay around £350 per month to live in a self-contained home. However, Centrepoint’s intention is to work with ethical employers to ensure young people are earning above minimum wage which would typically mean someone in London earning £18,000 per year would pay around £500 per month to live independently.

Since its formation, the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust has provided over 1,000 grants totalling more than £290 million.

Julia and Hans Rausing Trust said: “We are delighted to announce our support for Centrepoint and its Independent Living Programme. Centrepoint’s ambition to end youth homelessness for the coming generation is a formidable task, but having seen the impact they have made on the lives of so many already, I have no doubt they will realise their ambition. It is an honour to extend our support.”

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Courtesy of The Daily Advent/London-post-co 25th February 2022