Charity in gear with new trustee

Volunteer Drivers assistants

A charity which offers people a vital lifeline to remain part of the community and get out and about is being backed by the leader of Wigan Council. Councillor David Molyneux has become a trustee for a Deal funded project, Driven. It is a charity that offers isolated people the chance to keep their independence and relies on the support of volunteer drivers who give up their time to help people get out and about.

The Ince-based charity can help those in need and their carers get out to medical appointments, shopping trips, organised activities. Offering a door to door service means users get additional help throughout their journey. It is aimed at those who are unable or not confident enough to use public transport or taxis.  There is also an adapted vehicle for community groups and people who use a wheelchair or have mobility problems.

The project manager Ian Tomlinson added: “We are proud to welcome Cllr Molyneux, Gemma Atkinson and Sonya Bithell onto our new Board of Trustees. I hope they can help me to attract more volunteers to the project so we can reach out to more vulnerable and isolated people in the borough. We have a waiting list of new passengers and it’s only a lack of suitable volunteers with their own cars that is preventing us from engaging with more people who need our help to stay connected and active in our communities.”

Driven is always looking for new drivers and volunteers with different skills sets to help the project develop. it covers all the expenses so they can go out and make a difference to someone’s life. To find out more, please contact the Ince office between 9.30 and 2.30 Monday to Friday and speak to Amanda or call 01942 409602.