Children Affected by Domestic Abuse Fund

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Application Deadline: 19 September 2018

Bids will be accepted from local commissioners, such as:

  • PCCs
  • Local authorities
  • Health commissioners
  • Or from any other suitable organisations across England and Wales.

Consortium bids incorporating larger and smaller organisations are particularly encouraged but must have a Legal lead, to enter into the Grant Agreement.

Applicants must have been in operation for at least 24 months.


An £8 million fund available to organisations in England and Wales to support children who are exposed to domestic abuse.


Fund Value: £ 8,000,000
Minimum Value: £ 500,000

Value Notes

A total of £8 million over the next two financial years (2018 – 2020) is available.

Organisations must bid for a minimum amount of £500,000. While there will not be a formal cap placed on the amount an organisation can bid for, it is expected all bids to be scalable.

Turnover Notes

The grant applied for should represent no more than 25% of the applicant’s annual turnover from the previous financial year.

Extended Description

As part of the Government’s commitment to tackling domestic abuse, the Home Office have committed to allocate £8 million of funding (from April 2018 – March 2020) to interventions designed to support children who are exposed to domestic abuse.

Applicants must be able to provide evidence of their ability to deliver suitable interventions to support children who are or have been exposed to domestic abuse. A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18.

Project must be based in England or Wales.

Latest Information

The deadline for bids is 19 September 2018.

Key Criteria

Eligible Expenditure

Applicants must demonstrate suitable evidence to endorse the interventions they are proposing to deliver. Bids must explain arrangements for safeguarding vulnerable children and young people as part of their planned activities.

Bids must demonstrate how their support will link into wider support for victims of domestic abuse at a local level.

Payment Procedure

The allocation of funds will not be until after the signature of the Grant Agreement, likely to be September 2018.

Application Procedure

Interested organisations must first be registered as a ‘Supplier’ on the eSourcing Suite to participate.

Addresses and contacts

Application forms may be available to download on this site – please see the downloadable files on the right hand panel at the top of this page – or alternatively please check the funding body’s own website.

Contact details:
Domestic Abuse Fund

Home Office

2 Marsham Street

Telephone: 020 7035 4848
Email: [email protected]