Children and Young People Who Use Harm – a safer brighter future for the children of Greater Manchester


Our team has come together to develop many different versatile programmes; designed to promote positive relationships, supportive coping mechanisms, safety and care plans and self-confidence with the eventual reduction of harm and violence for our young people and those around them. Talk Listen Change wants to offer our young people the right tools for a healthier and happier future. As a service we work holistically with both child/young people/parents/carers and families and would welcome the opportunity to collaborate upon this project.  

Talk Listen Change’s criteria for this programme:

  • The child or young person is aged 14-19 years old and has experienced/experiencing domestic abuse and is also using harm to others and/or self 
  • The child must reside in Stockport, Manchester, Wigan or Salford 
  • If a looked after child they must be looked after by Stockport, Manchester, Wigan or Salford

As part of Talk Listen Change, we also have a team of counsellors working from the ages of 5–19. Any young people referred into the service aged 14–19 will be placed on the Children and Young People Who Use Harm sessional programme however this will also give the Young person the opportunity to have access to the counselling service or perhaps if counselling is assessed as a more suitable service, this referral can then be undertaken by the most appropriate team in line with the Young person/Childs needs.

Although the Children and Young People Who Use Harm criteria is set for the ages of 14-19 if you have a Young Person perhaps between the ages of 11 -13 our team is keen to provide the right service for the Young Person’s needs and would welcome the opportunity to assess each Young Person individually.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING REFERRALS FOR THE Children and Young People Who Use Harm PROJECT – see attached referral.

If you feel you have a Child or Young Person you would like to refer then please feel free to complete the attached referral and return to Talk Listen Change.

I have attached the Children and Young People Who Use Harm service pamphlets however welcome any questions you may have as we are taking bookings to facilitate a little more about what we would like to provide, what we wish to achieve for our young people and what we can achieve working together.

Please feel free to disseminate this email and the attachments where possible, as Talk Listen Change want to help promote and improve a safer, brighter future for the Children and Young People of Greater Manchester.

We are looking forward to encouraging a positive working partnership, moving forward and kindly ask, if you have any questions at all please feel free to email or call and I/we will endeavour to answer as much as possible.

In addition to the above service, Talk Listen Change will be facilitating an adolescent to parent/carer violence programme and welcome any queries in registering any Children or Young People on the waiting list. More detailed information will follow suit in the coming months.

For more information contact:-

Akeela Kosar Zeb

Children and Young People Who Use Harm Practitioner

Office: 0161 872 1100 Mobile 078 423 06345