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Grants are available for charities and community organisations working across the UK to support Clarion residents of all ages to get online and build the skills, motivation and confidence needed to use the internet safely in everyday life.

The Clarion Futures Digital Fund is administered by the London Community Foundation on behalf of the Clarion Housing Group.Clarion Futures is the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group, which includes the largest housing association in the UK. Clarion Housing has more than 125,000 households across 170 local authorities. When it launched in October 2017, Clarion Futures committed to investing £150 million in communities over ten years.The Fund aims to support Clarion residents of all ages to get and stay online and use the internet as part of their everyday tool safely and confidently.

The Fund is designed to address digital exclusion, and to:

Support Clarion residents to discover the full scope of how the internet can assist them in their everyday lives, and provide them with the skills and confidence to do so.

Support residents to access the tools that meet their individual needs and circumstances.

Encourage residents to use the internet safely and with confidence.

Support residents of all ages, regardless of whether they go online regularly, to use it safely, and avoid risky and/or illegal behaviour.

The Fund aims to reach:

Residents who have never used the internet before and/or Residents who may have previously used some online facilities but who may not be aware of the full potential to use the internet in their everyday lives (eg. they may use Facebook but may not be aware of how the internet can be used in the workplace, for online learning, or for information on their hobbies for example) and/or

Residents with limited internet skills.

This Fund is NOT primarily aimed at helping people to use a computer.

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Application Deadline: 30 May 2018