Co-op Local Community Fund now open for applications


The Coop’s Local Community Fund is now open for applications and the link to apply is 

Projects we are looking for:

This year we are supporting community projects that align to our community missions:

Enable people to access food and co-operate together to feed everyone

including projects such as:

Community fridges

Cooking lessons/clubs

Community transport schemes

Holiday or breakfast clubs

Allotments or community gardens

upskilling communities around nutrition


Help Improve People’s mental wellbeing with projects such as

Emotional wellbeing support

Build Social connections and support

Sports activities

Bereavement projects

Projects that support youth mental wellbeing

Mental health support and services

and Offer young people opportunities to develop new skills and make a difference in their community with projects such as:

Employability skills

Youth forums or groups

Enhance education skills

Intergenertional skill sharing

Young people learning essential life skills

If you could please highlight this fund to your members please.

Kind regards,

Debbie Jones

Member Pioneer for Co-op Shevington and Standish Food Store and Standish Funeralcare.

Please note: I only work four hours week, but will respond to your email as soon as possible.