Community Asset Transfer Advertisement – Wardour Street Allotments, Atherton

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Invitation to express an interest in the Community Asset
Transfer of allotments / land known locally as Wardour
Street Allotments, Atherton, M46 0AR to create additional
community allotments.
Community Asset Transfer is part of The Deal – where the
council and everyone who lives or works here works together
to create a better borough.
It is the transfer of land, buildings or structures owned (assets)
by a public body to community/voluntary groups or social
enterprises via a lease arrangement. That group or organisation
then becomes responsible for running, managing, and
maintaining the asset, including all the associated costs.

Wigan Council would like to invite expressions of interest from
appropriate individuals, clubs, groups and organisations for the
management of the asset including proposals to work with the
Council and existing allotment tenants to provide a continued
community use.
The council will then take into consideration the type and range
of proposed uses, the range of delivery models, the level of
community use and a willingness to embrace the Deal

Initial expressions of interest must be submitted by 5pm
on the 29th March 2021.
To register an initial expression of interest or for any further
information please contact:
Corporate Contracts & Assets, Wigan Council

Email: [email protected] or