Community Centre Week 19th-25th of July

Platt bridge community centre Photo

Would you like to promote the fabulous work that you are doing in your community centre? Community Centre Week, running from the 19th-25th of July, is an annual event and is rapidly growing across the country, and we want Wigan’s Community Centres to join in the celebrations!

 It is aimed at people like you, who run, work in or volunteer at a community centre. It provides an opportunity to come together with others to showcase the invaluable work that you do and celebrate all that you love about your centre and make it unique; it’s all about the people in your centre that make it special.

It’s a great opportunity for you to stage a special event or celebration and bring local people together to capture the spirit of your community centre.  You may already being doing something that you can promote during this week! We’re sure you can come up with loads of ideas to get your community centre participating and celebrating, here are some tips to get you started…

Have a bake off!  What’s better than having a bake-off competition to celebrate what we love about community centres– just how creative can people get? Organize a competition for the most creative or imaginative bake.

Share messages Jazz up your tree, fence or wall. Encourage your centre users to write messages on bunting hung around your centre (or provide the materials to create your own), supply the materials (ribbons, labels) to create a message tree. Not got a tree? – then use a fence, not got a fence… you must have a wall!

Spruce up your yard It’s so important to love where you live. So, why not plan a community clean up to improve your community centre environment.

Create an exhibition Encourage your community to bring along personal stories about their community and their centre – share old photos that capture key points in time.

Create a pop up park Create your own pop up park, indoors or out, organize a picnic – encourage everyone to bring something to create their own unique park for the day- or the entire week!

During the week; let everyone know what you are doing, spread the word on social media, tell your followers about the campaign, ask them to get involved and don’t forget to use #loveyourcc @CCWeekUK

Any further questions please give me a call. Georgina Atherton  Public Relations Team, Resources, Wigan Council. 01942 828062  Mobile 07900162528