Community Justice Fund


Guidance for Community Justice Fund grants

What are the aims of the fund?

We recognise that the impacts of COVID-19 are dramatic, widespread and being felt differently by people and organisations. As a group of organisations with a focus on legal needs and legal tools for change, we have a special interest in the social welfare legal advice sector. Within the nationwide network of services providing information and advice, we recognise particular pressures on those advice organisations operating at specialist level, including in relation to legal aid work, and the importance of this part of the sector being able to play its vital role now and in the future.

The Community Justice Fund is, therefore, focused on the needs of specialist social welfare legal advice organisations. We aim to help these organisations be effective and sustainable in the face of responding to COVID-19. We will provide flexible support so that organisations can respond to these challenges in ways that they feel best meets their needs but for which they do not currently have the funds. This could be about ‘keeping the doors open’, making the necessary shifts to home working, maintaining services, adapting services to reach people in new ways and at greater scale, supporting the wellbeing of staff, or a combination of these and other responses. We will also seek to capture lessons about the pressures organisations are under and how they are responding in order to inform future programmes and work with other funders and government

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