image of a GMPT bus pass
Make sure your bus pass is up to date

These passes should normally be recorded via the smart reader on the ticket machine, although we do recognise that on occasions this hasn’t happened and drivers have recorded travel manually.

As you may know, the way the scheme works is that operators are reimbursed for concessionary travel on a ‘no-better/no-worse’ position.

From 1 April, the calculations will be made based on recordings via the smart card reader and customers using concessionary passes must, therefore, register their journey with a valid pass or pay the full adult fare.

We have been reaching out to all groups to raise awareness of this, to ensure concessionary customers get into the habit of using their passes on the reader and take action to replace out-of-date or faulty passes as soon as possible to avoid paying for their travel from April.

We would be very grateful if you could share this with your contacts to help raise awareness.

Concessionary pass holders who have an invalid pass or have had problems with it registering should visit any TfGM travel shop, where they can test their card, visit or call 0161 244 1000 for help.