Congratulations and Celebrations for Marchia


Wigan Rotary Club is very proud of Associate Member Marchia Ogden who recently flew very high for the club to raise much needed funds.  She completed a sponsored Tandem Sky Dive on Sunday 1st August 2021 over the Lake District and she did not lose her nerve or enthusiasm to complete her dive, raising over £1,000 which is a truly magnificent achievement for one person.

Afterwards she said “This challenge was one I had always wanted to do, and on my 60th birthday I discovered that my family had actually booked this experience for me”.  She continued by saying “I wanted to make the most of this wonderful opportunity, by asking people to sponsor me so I could raise money to go to Wigan Rotary Club’s great charity work.  Thank you to everyone who helped me to achieve it”.

Club President Santi Nandi praised Marchia’s bravery.  He thanked her for successful fund raising achievement, as well as for having the courage to do this in such a high profile way.