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VaccChat – Talking about the Covid-19 jab

Now we are all seeing more people face-to-face it’s only natural we want to chat. Of course, one of the main topics of everyone’s conversation is still coronavirus and our experiences of and thoughts about the vaccine.

It may feel like just having a chinwag, but the conversations we have play a role in shaping how we view the world and how we think about important issues, like vaccination.

That’s why a new Greater Manchester wide campaign, VaccChat, is putting key information into the hands of those who, through the course of their day, speak to lots of people.

Handy cue cards are being given to frontline professionals like hairdressers, barbers and beauticians outlining the facts about the vaccine so these can be shared with members of the public, especially those aged 18-30.

With the Covid-19 vaccine now being offered to younger there are concerns that ‘vaccine hesitancy’ may be more prevalent due to the perception that the risk of serious illness from the virus is lower in younger people.

If you want to help get the word out download VaccChat resources, including posters, flyers and images for use on social media.

Stop the spread – Get tested twice a week

Take a free rapid Covid-19 test twice a week and show you’re doing what you can to protect your friends. Whatever your rapid Covid-19 test result, make sure you report it straight away. If people only report positive results, virus case levels look higher than they are. Remember, you’ve only completed your test when you’ve reported the result.

Get vaccinated if you are eligible
If you are aged 18+ you can book your Covid-19 vaccination from the end of this week.

Vaccines reduce chances of hospitalisation by 85%.

Remember it is vital to go for your 2nd dose too!

Call 119 or go online to book your jab

Remember hands, face, space and fresh air
Meeting up with friends? It’s safest to stay outdoors. Being out in the fresh air is safer, because it helps to blow COVID-19 particles away.