Could you adopt siblings?

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Caritas Care are keen to talk to people who would be interested in adopting a sibling group.

In the North West a staggering 64% of children waiting for adoption are part of a sibling group. While the idea of taking on multiple children can initially seem overwhelming to potential adopters, keeping these little units together as much as possible is heartbreakingly crucial.

Adoption Practice Manager, Patricia Hurst said “If you feel you can consider giving a home and family to a sibling group please talk to us. There are many benefits for adopters in parenting sibling groups- staying together means that they have an unbroken bond which can increase resilience to face future challenges; staying together means that they have a shared history and can support each other to come to terms with their situation, siblings staying together is twice the fun for adoptive parents!”

“If a family cannot be found for brothers and sisters they may have to be split up – if you have a close bond with your siblings you can imagine how difficult this would be.”

These siblings are family and, often, the only other people in their world who can really understand each other the way they do.  The bond is incredibly important, and we’d urge you to consider the joys and the privilege of welcoming this into your home.

You can read Dear Adopter stories from families who talk of their experiences of adopting siblings and the wonderful relationships that have developed along the way, here:

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article courtesy of MACC E Bulletin: Michelle Foster