Covid-19 Update 23rd March 2020

image of COVID-19
Dear community group,
Last week we published a five-point plan outlining the council’s response to Covid-19.
Although we could never have envisaged being in this situation, I know the borough will pull together and our sense of pride and cooperation can be relied upon as we’ve already seen over the last few years through The Deal.
There is an amazing sense of community spirit in our borough and the response from organisations, volunteers and people wanting to help has already been incredible – thank you.
You’ll be aware the situation around Covid-19 is fast-moving and we will continue to provide essential services while ensuring people’s health is our number one priority.
You might have seen we’ve recently launched the #BeKind movement, and some of you are already signed up to help.
Be Kind is about the small things you can do to help others, it might be checking in on your neighbours or considering the needs of other people.
We are currently establishing a network of hubs backed by The Deal which can help co-ordinate support for our communities including supplying those in need, receiving donations and co-ordinating volunteers.
We’re hoping our community groups can support this effort, whether through linking in vulnerable residents or helping to distribute food or provisions in the community. Here’s how we would like to work with you over the coming days, weeks or even months.

We will support local community resilience by:
Setting up a local coordination hub and community network in each Service Delivery Footprint (SDF), supported by our SDF Manager and other members of our place-based teams who will coordinate and target local resources to those most in need.

The coordination hub will:
– Work with existing voluntary and community sector organisations to identify new opportunities to support local residents with specific needs, for example, over 65, those vulnerable and in self isolation, including families.Identify and direct willing volunteer capacity to support these groups.
– Consider any resource requirements to maintain essential support from key community organisations
– Refer requests for help to appropriate local groups, and match with volunteer capacity. 

How can you help?
Our ask of you is:
– Work with your SDF coordination hub (SDF Manager and colleagues) to help us to identify your gaps and share where you can support others
– Use your local networks, to help us to match the right support to local people.
– Mobilise your volunteers, and work with other voluntary and community groups to target limited resources.
– Refer people to other relevant community assets or the coordination hub, if you are unsure how to address their needs.
– Help us to monitor the levels of voluntary and community resilience in your area.

How we can help you: Through the Coordination Hub we will:
– Link you up with residents most in need in your area
– Monitor your resilience and ability to respond to local demands
– Link you up with your wider local community network
– Offer support and advice, where possible
– Look at resourcing and capacity issues with you 

The Council will ensure that essential services are still in place to support the most vulnerable in our communities, and will continue to deliver these services. Our localised support approach is about offering extra practical assistance and support to vulnerable/ targeted groups of residents within their local area, which would not be provided by existing services.
We are relying on you to continue to safeguard the people you work with, and your volunteers, and follow guidance to the sector.
For more information please contact the key contact officers in your area indicated below:
Atherton and Tyldesley   
SDF Manager Joanne Berry 07789983291 [email protected]
Community Capacity Officer Helen Donlon 07921092550 [email protected]   
SDF Manager Lin Hogan 07770641803 [email protected]
Community Capacity Officer Charlie Schofield 07825280641 [email protected]   
Platt Bridge, Abram, Scholes, Hindley/Hindley Green, Ince   
SDF Manager Steven Gerrard 07825061274 [email protected]
Community Capacity Officer Paul Gallagher 07768500650 [email protected]    
South Wigan Ashton North  
SDF Manager Jo Edwards 07920204540 [email protected]
Community Capacity Officer Lena Gibson 07711048760 [email protected]    
Wigan Central   
SDF Manager Matthew Jones 07795061711 [email protected]
Community Capacity Officer Julie Clark 07917551034 [email protected]    
Ashton, Golborne and Lowton   
SDF Manage rAngela Addis 07584467950 [email protected]    
Wigan North   
SDF Manager Lynn Prescott 07785226481 [email protected]
Community Capacity Officer Lucy Murphy 01942 486527 [email protected]    

Project Managers Katy Sneyd 01942 486748 [email protected] 
Liz Ramsden 07779345631 [email protected]    
Adminstration Officers Elaine Blinston (DFC) 01942 486557 [email protected] 
Zoe Walker (SDF) 07775012313 [email protected]
In the meantime you can find out more about the Be Kind movement.
There’s also help and advice on the page around looking after yourself and looking after others.
As you might expect, our teams are currently experiencing a high volume of requests but our officers are working hard to put plans in place and will reply to you as soon as they can.
We’ll be publishing a form on our website soon which will allow people to report residents who they think may need support through these hubs and a telephone number which will be issued to targeted groups to contact us for support.
We’ll also be launching an email address where people can offer their services.
Thank you for your continued support.
Councillor David Molyneux, Leader, Wigan Council.