Covid 19 vaccinations – genuine concerns and misinformation

Covid-19 update: Community Briefing
Although the World Health Organisation deems both Covid-19 vaccines as effective, we are aware of some genuine concerns and questions alongside some misinformation within the community.
As a result, we have put together a helpful myth-busting resource pack, which we encourage all of our community groups to use on social media in order to reassure residents and encourage them to protect themselves.
Clicking the below link will take you to an online file, where all of our resources are saved. You can download the ones that suit your social media platforms and share with your followers. Resources can be found here
By sharing this information with your communities, you’re continuing to do your bit to keep Wigan Borough safe. Thank you for your invaluable support during this time.
For more information about Covid-19 guidance or the vaccine, you can re-watch Professor Kate Ardern’s Q&A sessions on Facebook. They take place every other Thursday at 6pm.
Watch last night’s session here where she answers questions about the vaccine with Dr. Shikha Pitalia, local GP and director of SSP Health.