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A & T in action

CYCLE SPEEDWAY 28th April 2018

Astley & Tyldesley hosted the British Youth & Junior League, North Regional Round 2 meeting on Saturday. The track was in superb condition, after much rain during the week and a couple of showers on the day.

First up were the youngsters for the Little League match. A&T’s Frank White rode to a 16 points maximum score, twice beating Aiden Green, in the u-8 match.

Duncan Whalley recorded a 16 points maximum in the u-10 match, twice heading home Fraser Brundrett.

Little League result

Astley & Tyldesley 132 Sheffield 12 Bury 8.

A&T scorers: Frank White 16, Duncan Whalley 16, Aiden Green 14, Fraser Brundrett 14, Freddy Warn 12, Oscar Belt 12, Ada Cox 10, Lewis Skitterall 10,

Tom Beeley 10, Aliesha Green 8, Freddie Cox 6, Sabrina Evans 4.

u-8 Grand Prix winner: Aiden Green (A&T).

u-10 Grand Prix winner: Fraser Brundrett (A&T).

The BYJL match followed, with a greater presence of visiting riders. A&T’s national u-12 BYJL Grand Prix Champion John White rode to a 16 points maximum in the u-12 match, twice beating Sheffield’s Logan Perkins. John went on to beat Logan in the Grand Prix ‘A’


BYJL result

Astley & Tyldesley 97 Sheffield 62 Bury 25 Hull 13.

A&T scorers: John White 16, Emily Burgess 16, Tom Morrissey 12, Jacqui Kinsey 12, Ciaran Collins 11, Charlie Burgess 10, Chloe Warn 8, Max Evans 8,

Seb Kinsey 4.

u-12 Grand Prix winner: John White (A&T).

u-14 Grand Prix winner: Kielan Burton (Sheffield).

Girls Grand Prix winner: Emily Burgess (A&T).

Junior Grand Prix winner: Max Evans (A&T).

It was a great day for A&T, who took their second team wins of the series in both events, to maintain their

100% record in all competitions at all levels so far this season.

Riders, officials and spectators enjoyed a trackside barbecue after the racing.

Astley & Tyldesley began their defence of all three Northern League titles with emphatic wins in each division, at Gin Pit against Stockport, on a fine and bright Sunday afternoon.

Northern League Division 1 result

Astley & Tyldesley 105 Stockport 74

A&T scorers: Pawel Idziorek 20, Reece Pollitt 19 (plus 3 bonus), Steve Harris 17 (3), Kamil Bielica 17 (2), Max Evans 15 (2), Kyle Holland 10 (2), Mark Grantham 3, Mick Knowles 2, Paul Graham 2, Emily Burgess dnr.

Northern League Division 2 result

Astley & Tyldesley 83 Stockport 56

A&T scorers: Max Evans 17 (1), Tom Morrissey 15 (1), Emily Burgess 14, Mark Grantham 13 (2), Mick Knowles 10 (3), Charlie Burgess 7 (2), John White 7 (2).

Northern League Division 3 result

Astley & Tyldesley 122 Stockport 0

A&T scorers: John White 16, Frank White 15, Aiden Green 15, Freddy Warn 14, Tom Morrissey 13, Alishea Green 10, Sabrina Evans 10, Charlie Burgess 10, Myles Grantham 8, Duncan Whalley 7, Lucy Grantham 4.

Ten riders from Team Green turned out for the first regional round of the British Youth and Junior League at the Stockport track, on Saturday. This was the opening meet of the cycle speedway season for most of the youngsters and the pre-season training by Team Green was clearly evident. The early drizzle left the track very wet in places and the starting grid was quite slippery.

A&T’s Aiden Green and Frank White took first and second places respectively in the u-8 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final.

Duncan Whalley, of A&T, took the win in the u-10 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, with team mates Fraser Brundrett and Sabrina Evans third and fourth respectively.

The u-12 match had A&T reigning BYJL u-12 Champion, John White, who took the win in the Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, with team mates Tom Morrissey second and Lucy Grantham fourth.

A&T’s Emily Burgess won the Girls Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, whilst Max Evans finished runner-up in the u-18 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final.

It was a great day’s racing by A&T’s impressive youngsters, as they won both team events on the day, in the Little League and British Youth & Junior League matches.